Friday, August 26, 2016

Do You See What I See? ...

I thought it was my imagination at first. But upon closer inspection I see it is indeed true ... Autumn is begin to creep in.

On Wednesday as I drove through Devon and into Somerset to fetch my girls from their camp, the trees that line the lane were showing signs of yellowing too. In fact in one section the wind blew and leaves tumbled and swirled across the road.

I can't say that I'm terribly sad about the prospect because autumn is after all my most favourite season of all.

However we don't all feel that way... LOL

Only 5 more days and the its the official start of the meteorological autumn - of course the equinox is some 22 days after that.  There's so much that I love about this season...but that I'll leave to another post ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

London Calling...

The summer is just about done. Free carefree days are drawing to an end and we stand on the brink of a brand new school year - this time with only one student in our homeschool.

But before I plunge into this post, I want to pause and remember how blessed we are.

10 years of lovely learning family memories - I wouldn't change them for all the money in the world. We have successfully homeschooled and graduated our first-born. She's passed all her exams and begins college next week. I cannot be prouder of her.

There has been many a time when I have worried that I wasn't 'doing enough', that my children would not be accepted into any tertiary education. But I have to say that graduating your first child, seeing how painless it was to secure a place on a course of my daughters choice at college has really been an eye-opener for me. I have not 'ruined' my children's futures. Of course I always knew that as people they have had a huge advantage over schooled peers in being able to develop into the lovely people they are without the negative peer pressure influences. But you always worry about the academics.

Well now I know that there really is nothing to worry about as long as you are faithful to do your very best, giving your children every opportunity you can, you should be fine :)

Anyhoo - moving on from my sentimental moment LOL, DH and I went to London for the weekend. The girls were off on a Christian camp and we had time to ourselves, so we treated ourselves to a weekend away.

We had such a lovely time. We visited The Tate Modern - which is great if you love modern art which I don't. I just find it all a bit weird and have very little appreciation for modern art. Although I did get to see a Picasso and and Andy Warhol piece and I enjoyed that.

We visited The British Museum - FAB day out. So much to see- but absolutely heaving by lunch time!

Then a walk through the west end visiting all our old haunts - in our younger days we worked in Covent Garden - and it was lovely to walk slowly together and reminisce.

I think one of my favourite bits had to be walking through St. James' Park, seeing Horse Guards Parade at one end...

 and Buckingham Palace at the other.

London is such a lovely city to visit - so full of history. We hadn't been in two years so this trip was our 'fix' for a while LOL.

Hey! Did you notice the leaves in some of my pics? I can't believe that autumn is making her presence known already, if only in the fading leaf colour - not temperature wise - it's still fairly warm here. :)

Anyhoo - I'm going to wrap up this post now and I will see you back here very soon.